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Digital [SNS041]
Alex Dee Gladenko is definitively not at all a new entry into the music scene, and if you've got a passion for house and techno then you may have heard his name already.
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Digital [SNS040]
Next on Sensei a release from the "Nu Deep Warriors". This new collective brinsg together the production and songwriting skills of Ian Lodge (Ex 'Dominatorz'),Jorden Milnes (of 'noisefreakz' fame) and Dennis Teeken of the Dutch dance collective 'Dance cube'.
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Digital [SNS039]
As a child, FALINSKI (Ben Falinski) started playing music on an old upright piano in his parents house in Portsmouth. Without learning how to read music, he quickly started writing his own - his first band IVYRISE receiving RADIO ONE and XFM airplay (as well as hitting the Top 40 twice in France).
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Digital [SNS036]
Ohm Fat is back with us again at Sensei, this time delivering his latest single 'Rising', with the Venice Beach boys on remix duties you know its going to be a release that your collection can't miss out on.
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