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Medway & Dansor - Impulso & Belief

Following up on the well received DJ Enne, the Sensei revival continues with aplomb in the guise of extremely well respected American producer Jesse Skeens AKA Medway. Here he teams up with Anett Kulcsar AKA Dansor to deliver us a two tracker which is a perfect blend of the traditional Medway deep beats and the shockingly trendy Moroder-tinged discoid sounds.

'Impulso' is full of rolling synths and staccato chops…one even the great Georgio would approve of. Belief takes things down a more traditional Medway route with quality floor filling soulful prog. Sensei again sitting at the juxtaposed crossroads of tech-house, progressive and disco.

Written & Produced by Jesse Skeens & Anett Kulcsar
Published by Dharma Songs

Style: Deep House
Genre: Electronic


12" Vinyl [SNS032]
A Impulso (listen)
AA Belief (listen)
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1 Impulso (listen)
2 Belief (listen)
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