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Indaba - Dark Light

Another new release with us here at Sensei! This time with the progressive producer that is Indaba! Getting straight down to business with his 'Dark Light' single, Indaba brings some deep torrents to the table with this progressive belter.

The original mix is everything that you would want out of a great deep progressive record, the mix itself has the wonderful trait of being able to build euphoria without loosing that dark edge of the twisted vocal and minimalistic drum patterns. The techno-edged melodiousness that rolls through the synths and pads have that dancefloor banger style to them. Bring on the loud speakers, dark room and a strobe light.

The '2013 Remix' moves away from the techno side of the track and morphs into a progressive house groover, lighter textures from the track converge with the still dark vocal, repetitive bass line and synth to take the harsher tones of techno away whilst maintaining a great melodic atmosphere.

Be sure to hear this single in a club near you!

Written by Chris Scott. Produced by Andrew Best & Chris Scott
Published by Dharma Songs
Licenced from Prolefult Recordings
(P) & (C) 2013 Prolekult Recordings

Style: Deep House
Genre: Electronic


1 Andrew Best 2013 Remix  (listen)
2 Original  (listen)
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