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Greg Churchill - Budonkadonk 2013

We're back again and this time bringing you some fresh talent in the form of Greg Churchill and his latest blast of musical skill 'Budonkadonk 2013'. We couldn't be happier to have Greg aboard and we know you wont be disspaointed with what comes next.

The release is kicked off with a bang, your ears are met with a meaty kick and quickly followed with a punchy rolling bassline, the back line vocals add a twist to this progressive power house and the culmination of varying textures and sounds contrast masterfully with the funky edged bass line working against the hints of glithy techno. The combination work together to encompass your body and will leave you hung up on with the melodic hook long after the track has faded from th speakers.

On the remix we have Steve Steers who has been busy ramping up the bass line and twitching the tempo to create this up front funky roller. Stripping back the mix and loosing those glitchy tweeks he has let us with some sexy saxophones and happy go lucky bar music vibes, this is a great take on the heavier original.

Produced by Greg Churchill
Written by Greg Churchill
Published by Dharma Songs

(C) 2004 Underwater Recordings
(P) 2013 Sensei Recordings

Style: Techno
Genre: Techno


1 2013 Mix  (listen)
2 Steve Steers Remix  (listen)
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