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Falinski - Cool

As a child, FALINSKI (Ben Falinski) started playing music on an old upright piano in his parents house in Portsmouth. Without learning how to read music, he quickly started writing his own - his first band IVYRISE receiving RADIO ONE and XFM airplay (as well as hitting the Top 40 twice in France).

Steering his production talents towards the dance floor, Ben invested every penny he had on building his beloved Thunderball Recording Studios - and shortly after the Falinski electronic act was born.

The fruits of those initial studio sessions can be heard here on Falinski's debut release - the house / new wave / leftfield / tech crossover 'COOL'.

Floor led beats, stabby synths and muscular, chunky basslines - all wrapped up with a quirky (and earwormingly catchy) vocal line.

The original is backed up with the a fine remix from the EDM, globetrotting DJ powerhouse that is Pink Panda.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it starts here. Falinski brings you his debut. It's "COOL"

Written & Produced by Ben Falinski.
Remix & Additional Production by Pink Panda.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Twitter - @benfalinski

(C) 2015 Sensei Recordings
(P) 2015 Sensei Recordings

Style: Prog
Genre: House


1 Original  (listen)
2 Pink Panda Remix  (listen)
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