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Alex Dee Gladenko - UFO

Alex Dee Gladenko is definitively not at all a new entry into the music scene, and if you've got a passion for house and techno then you may have heard his name already.

Alex Dee Gladenko's prolific previous production also include Hiem's "Lions Cheetahs Enforcers" remix released on NANG Records in 2015. His music is all about clubbing, and UFO (his debut on Sensei) perfectly suits the dancefloor.

ID, the first track on the EP, seams to be blinking its eye at the Ibizian night life, and sounds like an invite to come together and sweat on the dancefloor.

If ID is inspired by a more European taste, with UFO we move overseas. The second track of the EP clearly looks up to the early Detroit techno.

Written & Produced by Alex Dee Gladenko.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(C) 2016 Sensei Recordings
(P) 2016 Sensei Recordings

Style: Prog
Genre: House


1 UFO  (listen)
2 ID  (listen)
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